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pauto premium
pauto premium
pauto premium

pauto premium


pauto premium is an intelligent walking stick adequate for those with lower technical capacity. It is a pauto® connect walking stick that connects you to your caregivers. Text messages are sent to them in case of emergency or alert.

pauto premium includes the connected walking stick, the connection fee for 24 months and also an insurance service during 18 months.


pauto in a smart cane, which connects you with authorized caregivers, so that they receive SMS warnings in case of emergency, falls or overcoming a safety zone, locating the location in real time.

It allows control and monitoring from the web and app. In addition, it generates activity and symptom reports.

By means of a laser green line, a laser red dot and the vibration of the handle of the cane it is possible to overcome the Freezing of Gait episodes.

pauto premium includes the monthly fee for 24 months as well as a 18 months insurance policy.

The service is subject to the coverage provided with the telephone and GPS signal provider.

The use of the connected services of pauto will only work with the SIM card supplied with the product.

Pauto® reports:

- Daily activity

- Distance traveled and routes in Google Maps

- Calories consumed

- Number of FOG episodes

- Number of falls, with the corresponding warning. The cane has an algorithm to rule out false alerts (fall of the cane but not of the user)

Alerts are sent in case of the pauto leaving the predefined safety zone, with its last position

- In addition, the user of pauto will be able to send an SOS signal with its position in case of disorientation or other type of emergency by pressing the emergency button for 7 seconds.

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